Decisions, Decisions

I know I haven’t written or posted for quite some time. Lots of shit has been hitting (and continues to hit) the fan and I’m not sure if I just don’t want to write or if I’m unable to/incapable at this time. I don’t know if or when I’ll be able to write again, at least as far as blogs go. Writing in some form or fashion will always be a part of my life because it’s in my soul and it is a treasured coping skill…but my question to you, angel faces, is if you think I should keep/you would like me to keep the blog (and the accompanying Facebook page) up/going or just abandon ship? Any opinions are welcome (and appreciated; I’ve been struggling with this decision for a while).


1 thought on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Hello Friend.

    I’m a bit late to the party here, but most definitely YES! Keep SOME form of public expression. It suits you well. Additionally, we are on the cusp of experiencing unprecedented MIND fuck in the next few years, and cyber communication will help usher it in.

    Instead of public blogging being what you let go, focus, as you said, on what YOU need to let go. Your emotions are ruling you. And your mind, with its ego and taste for control, is cheering them along. Fuck emotions. Fuck mind. As you already know: LET GO. Yes, both emotions and MIND. Lose them both. Quit hanging onto their edge. Eventually you’ll return to both, but in the proper order.

    It is your HEART, in all its infinite wisdom and purity and recognition of who you REALLY are, that must step forward. But it cannot with unruly emotions and mind ego in the way. You ARE worthy. Your heart knows it. It is your emotions that keep distracting you from it and your mind that convinces you otherwise. We have given them to much power and it is time to regain it. LET THEM GO.

    I have a site for you to go for an exercise in letting go. Ignore anything else that doesn’t seem applicable to you, but lift out the exercise and do it ‘religiously’ (lol, that just struck me as funny in this context). It will require you to revisit your child and teenage years, but in a manner that will be HEALING as you let go. It will not be easy. It will bring up that which you have worked so hard to integrate or avoid. But it is heart-based and will provide you a road for letting go.

    Also, if emotions or pain or apathy continue to persist, imagine letting them roll out on a wave. As if it is a wave of clean refreshing water, draw healing energy in through your feet on your in breath, and release out negative, destructive, or apathic energy on your out breath. I have done this and it works! If it helps, imagine first lying on a beach with waves washing in and out. I found that on my out breath, various objects would wash out with the waves: old, empty appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators representing old unnecessary junk I was hanging on to; hypodermic needles representing deep repressed quilt or pain; large sheets of plywood and drywall with unknown ills or injustices hiding under them as they washed away. I never knew what these objects would be. It was not my mind that controlled it, nor my emotions. It was my heart, and my heart was thoughtful about me. Painful memories and emotions do not all have to be acknowledged or relived in order to be let go, just allowed and expected to GET OUT. Letting them be released as objects that are less painful works just as well. Don’t over think it or you give mind too much control. Center all these exercises FROM YOUR HEART.

    Regarding what’s next for your blog. Allow the nature or need of HOW you use it EVOLVE as you also begin to evolve. Perhaps focus your blog not on each painful moment as you let go, because this actually keeps it with you. But instead you focus on the process you are using and how it appears to be working. You focus on what is happening in your body as you identify each element. You focus on each element of celebration, however small. Our hearts vibrate at a higher frequency than our negative emotions and leave room for little else when focused properly. Allow it through.

    Much love friend. You know where to find me.

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