2 thoughts on “The Quiet Borderline

  1. I would suggest that perhaps “Quiet BPD” is yet another fictitious “illness” created by psychiatrists and projected onto people who may look similar, but are in fact individuals quite different from one another in their histories and in terms of how they experience their symptoms. Perhaps it would be better to understand Keisha in this story as a unique person whose past experience makes her current maladaptive coping mechanisms perfectly understandable, rather than as a “Quiet BPD.”
    The title of your blog is very apt – “Borderline between what and what?” This implies to me what I have long thought about BPD – that it is a pseudo-medical fictitious diagnosis with no validity and reliability. For me, there suffering of “borderline” symptoms are very real – I experienced them all myself – but the diagnosis is not.

    • My experience and symptoms mirror Keisha which is why I posted it. I’ve never liked the diagnosis – the stigma. I can’t deny that I fit the criteria. But I’ve always felt the name was wrong/ill-fitting. Emotion dis-regulation seems a bit more fitting/closer to what we/I struggle with.

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